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How to spot a defective pen

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 17, 2017, 10:08 AM
All the people knows my story about my nightmare with my cintiq 22hd, that came with a sound, and not responding in some parts of the screen, so i had to send it to repairs and both a small intuos 5 to not stop working 4 years ago. Ive always felt the pen didnt felt great compared to old intuos 3, even told people that intuos 3 was way better more control. the two pens i got felt the same way, so i was like, yeah the pen its not broken, because whats the possibility to have two broken pens on two different devices from wacom? But i was wrong both were broken. Or maybe boths of my tablets are the ones brokens but not the pens, let me explain,

Ive both a 6d art pen and a classic pen like intuos 2 looking. The 6d art pen doesnt work well on painter has a weird pressure bug at the beggining of the stroke. Then the classic pen, felt a bit better harder to press(the harder to press  means is a healthy pen), but like my first classic pen it got broken really zoon after a year of usage, the button got jammed.

Recently i bought a Matebook by Huawei, and pressure is 2048 levels of pressure, and man the pressure felt soooo good, like twice of my cintiq, that made me wonder, what if my both tablets by wacom were bad? Ohhh by the way the Matebook has a wacom pen tech,

So i entered in diagnostics in wacom utility software, and realized that one pen while hovering was rpessing 20 levels of pressure, not even touching the screen, the other pen was okay, but ach time i started pressing it, it rushed the pressure from zero to 647 levels, thats wayyyy wayyy high, and if i added super light touches, jumped to 200 levels of pressure.

So i saw a pen that had all my attention in reviews, called "The intuos Pro Pen", i was like huuuuhhhhhmmmmmmm it comes with a carrying case, but what will i need a carriyng case, anyways i got so desesperate so i order it. After 2 long weeks, or maybe three, because it was holiday and i used a super cheap shipping. arrived.

Test it and holllyyyyyyyyyyyyyy shit. Its super hard to press, its like i have to use the double amount of pressure, this is glorious, its like finally i can use 2048 levels of pressure. Sent my pens longtime ago to wacom to see then get fixed but wacom told me they were okay. But they werent.

Its super easy to see if your pen is defective, just put the pen on a software drawing and move it around, let the own weight of the pen go on the nib, a healthy pen wont paint inmediatly, and if you add a little pressure it will leave you room like half second that no paint will come out, till you add more pressure. This is a healthy pen.

In my other pens, except the 6d art pen, every time i placed the pen with no pressure, the ink rushed out in the minimal release of pressure. I tried making it harder, but even with making it harder it will always be a jumping pen, levels rushing out  so fast, you wont control it, if you make your pen harder you can control beggining of the stroke, but will be harder to get a 100%, if you reduce the amount of pressure you need, it will be harder to control in both ways.

No matter how many tweaks you do to your pen, it will always remains defective, its like trying to play a broken guitar with too many wholes, it doesnt matter how you callibrate the strings, it will not get the potential in your songs.

Trust me ive been dealing with this for 4 years, fooooourrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr long years.

Now with the intuos pro pen, ive even have to put the pen in a softer mode, can you believe that a softer mode?????????????????????????? And still have fully control of strokes.

So im not sure if my tablets hate first generation intuos 5 pens(tried all the drivers you can imagine) or Intuos Pro pens are just better built, They feel the same quality of plastic, but buttons feels nicer, the case has a magnetic lock, and feels that it will protect more the pen, than be resting in vertical.

So to finalize this, i recomend you to put you pen with normal pressure, not hard or soft on top of your tablet and move it with no pressure, if it does a line, your pen might be faulty too.


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