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Two animes Jewels i missed

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 16, 2015, 9:25 AM
I apologize, it seems i miss judged one anime, i thought it was going to be a terrorist moe crap, because saw first episode and  all pointed to be a really lest make a terrorist pretty new moe genre but i was wrong. Im talking about, you know....

Zankyou no Terror

Saw it on my list in netflix, and i was like what the hell, lets see episode two, because i saw it had 5 stars and i was like why? Need to see it, then in episode 2 they changed the focus, it was more about the police than the two cute guys. The police dude raminded me of the evil guy in cowboy bebop movie, i was like damn i love this style of realism. Story started to grow in me and then i saw this scene.

And literally blew my mind away, i was like wowww, music its great, the song reminded me of Akira, because of the bikes and the weird way drums type sounds, reminded me a lot of a akira but in a happier way, each time i see this clip i want to take a road trip to feel air on the face.

Then i started a research to see who was the composer of the music , and then i saw  Yoko kanno and i was like holyyy shit, she is like the Mozart of anime, i really love her music. I still dont know what the plot is about , but im hooked with the music.

The other anie i want to talk about is...


Its an old anime from 2006, i cant believe i miss it, but i was fooling around in youtube and saw chapter one and got hooked, im so ashamed to say that i watched the entire series in one sit in the night. The plot is so damn good, i really hated the evil chick in this anime. The plot twists, the love triangle, the black mail, bad situations, it might sound cheesy but its a chick flick you need to watch. Sorry i could only found the english trailer.

Yeah im a dude and im ashamed to say this thing hook me up all night long.

Sunday livestream

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 12, 2015, 5:54 PM
See ya in picarto, click on the link on top. I might be rusty please have patience with me, i will try to design A AN IMAGE FOR THE SIDE OF MY ARCADE GABINET.


Journal Entry: Wed Apr 8, 2015, 2:08 PM
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Finalllyyyyyyyyyyyyyy finalllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy teaaaars offf joyyyyyyy, tearrsss offf yoyyyyyy, let ME play a song first. Ummmmm here it is.

Imagine the song "Ode to joy" and play it in your mind as you read.

After months and months of waiting an anime that could fill this hole in my chest arrives, finally a male character i can relate to, not because im strong or something, but about girl, man finally a main male character that doesnt looks like a yuri girl with pants. Whats the anime im talking about, well is this one


    The story not average at al, saw the previews of this anime and i was like seems different, then finally it airs, i watch it and i was like wait a minute, this looks like Densha otoko, then the train happens and i was like hooolyyyy shirtttttt this looks like densha Otokoooooooo( densha otoko its the coolest thing i had watched)

Plot is super manly  guy  gets hot hick romance.

here is the trailer.

Spoilers talk, if you havent seen it watch it first then come back.

This is what i had in my mind when i saw it, the friend he is a truly friend, he always rejects the girls because he knows his friend like them so much. Girls he always  like gets charmed by his hot friend, but he doesnt notice he rejects them because he can read him as a book, he knows he likes them.

But here is the plot twist. Finally a pretty girl moves his heart, but that girl aint interested in him, but in the other guy. But the other guy has sooo low selfsteam that he wants to make this girl date his friend because he nows its the first time he is in love. He havent realized he is the main character.

The hot guy had always been the blue ogre(if you know that japanese tale) but this time the red one wants to be the blue ogre.

So its going to be a really complicated  story to follow.

Waited for an anime like this for many many months.

Spring anime my picks part 1

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 7, 2015, 2:00 PM
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Hibike! Euphonium

This will be my musical anime choice, reasons why i love this one, there is a girl with red glasses that doesnt remove them, like other anime were she turns into a weird cat with no mouth,(yeah a music anime with no mouth silly right?) This anime its the right balance of moe. There are no annoying voices that wants me to kill newborn babies. Grown ups like adult and not like a 15 year old. The male characters are draw as males. Okay after telling why i wont pick other music animes agaisnt this one, its that girls are cute, they kept the red glasses, no annoying voices. Dialogues are well written, story its interesting, and i love animes where i can learn about music.

First chapter its really nice, the emotions and music are incredible, if you want great moe, this is your choice, this aint like K-on, its more realistic with a bit of drama to it.

Fate stay night Unlimited Blade works second season

This series needs no words.

Plastic Memories

This anime looked average at first, but after the story developes, you notice it has an intense drama to it, almost breaks me at the ending, they develope a great emotion, the director is a genius. Its a sci-fi anime, about a company that have to shut down, im not sure if they are androids or clones, but they have to take people away from families, it can be really sad. I recomend you to watch it.

Arslan senki

This anime its really good, the style its like fullmetal alchemist, looks like him  but with white hair, not sure if its based in old ovas i had seen, but its going to be an epic war battle anime, with solid plot, first chapter felt really good, seems like somethign big will happend next chapter, this is an anime you dont want to miss, i mean adults here looks like adults, same for males.

Baby steps 2 season

Tennis anime loved first show its a sport anime, but for me feels like a love story i just want to see what happens with his girl and him, but i must say each chapter i see the more i learn abotu tennis.


This anime its really cool, started really nice, hiope it doesnt dissapoint me like Sword art online, that started good then went down hill. Feels average anime, but after watching i must say its interesting, the leveling up system, and looking forward to see what he wiill do next. Has lolicon service, but at least aint that forced, feels natural and not annoying. there are some cool designs of characters. Its a story about getting inside dungeons to level up trying to reach the deepest levels or higher levels not sure. But the dude is weak and wants to be stronger, because he liked a stronger girl that saved his life.

Seraph of the end

Started good then turned bad and boring and then turned insto somethign really intense, specially the gore escene i was like WTH? Its a vampire anime, that lives underground, literally. The ending was epic, i feel interested to see what happens next, but the preview of next episode make it look average once more, with the shool life routine, instead of training with the army to become a better soldier, but okay lets see what happens.

Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru Zoku

I say the intro was brilliant, now im hooked to know why the two were arguing, the cuts the music the animation felt like an ova, then story turned abit average, i still dont have a clue whats the story about not sure if its good or bad, but i must say the intro hooked me. Its a daily life school anime. You need to see the intro, im hoping it can be good.

Kurokos basketball

I just love this sport show. Feels my slamdunk hole in my heart.

Well thats the picks of animes i liked so far, there are still more animes that havent shown off yet, rules i  use to choose my animes, girls dont look like 8 year olds, dudes dont look like a lady, no annoying voices, solid dialogues, good balance of moe, fanservice but kept it thight, adults exists int heir universe, not adults looking like a 15 year old. Specially annoying voices, i can understand a character in a group, but when all of them try sooo hard to be cute, that hurts my ears. If animes didnt made the cut, its probably because i dont have uch time, or they arent made for me.

Durarara X2 episode 12

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 28, 2015, 11:44 AM
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Spoilerssss, Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,Spoilerssss,

Finallllyyyyyy, after months and months of waiting, last scene of this episode, i had been waiting months for this. A man faces its consecuences, he aint untouchable, i was like standing on my chair clapping. Orihara Izaya chan was touched. 

Izaya san has "the Vino complex" from Baccano, but he isnt Vino, the world its not a movie he is protagonist. He was too close to the sun, it was natural that he would fall. Even if he figures out later to take down the guy that did this to him, the wound its down. He wont be able to feel untouchable.

When he received the call i was like holly shit this is going to happen, and they start saying about his look, i was like hollly shit they are watching him , and the moment the sound take splace not by the phone but next to him, i was like filled with tears of joyyyyyyy, i was like yeaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh its going to happen, the king will be touched by karma.

This has to be the best ending of episode i had seen in years.

And damn the action from the mafia, to take down two professional killers, was soo intense and hardcore, that they looked really scary, specially the dude crotchign next to the girl, i guess his cane its a small sword. 

And if you ask me the kid that became the dollars, started to show multiple personalities, you will see his bad side, he is starting to become evil, all thanxs to Izaya, he started to realize he has a dark side, it was really clever to show the change of face when he was walking then after passing a pole, you could see his face change with an evil smile.

It seems the Bartender finally have a girlfriend, i can see this girl stalkign him in the future.

Did you saw it? What do you think?

Boys and girls in gaming result

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 22, 2015, 12:57 PM
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After reading all coments and watching videos, some of them were really inspiring, and comments of people, really cleared my mind, that both sides are right and both are wrong. There can be a middle ground, a sweet spot where both sides can have piece. sadly most of this videos they want to show their side its right. But what i learned was to try hard to get to that middle spot.

By the moment a person side with a group in this case sex i think its part of the problem, but maybe thats natural, a men cant understand how a girl feel same for a girl to know what a mean feels. A woman cant understand a kick in the balls, and a man cant understand all the pain to give birth. I think it applies same on gaming and entertainment indrustry.

But the change is happening right now, each year i see more and more talented girls getting in this field, that was almost kidnapped by men, because lets face it, was not popular with girls in old days. so i think we are already in the middle, the change its happening, and im looking forward to see where the future of entertaiment goes.

Im in the middle because im waiting for Life is strange and bloodborne both on march 24.

I had read each comment and watched videos of past erased journals. Thank you soo much for sharing your point of view, i could see an equal balance from both sides, and sometimes its cool to get thoughts from people out of your skull.

So im gonna ask you this, what game are you actually playing right now, and why you like it?

Thank you guys for great feedback, sometimes you can feel like an island, hidding in your studio working and painting like a monkey. Thank you for great feedback.

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso ENDING

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 19, 2015, 2:39 PM
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Still here, dont read if you havent seen it, i highly recomend you to watch it.

Dont read this if you havent seen it.


Cant stop the manly tears coming from my eyes, this had become one of my favorite animes, the ending was so just perfect. When he was playing on stage and he suddenly see her, he knows, we know, that she already is dead. That was a turn around in the emotion of the song, first plays lovely and fun, and after watchign her turned so sad, a song you dont want to end. I was like, okay dont cry, be a man, he already dead dont cry okay, be cool breath air, okay. Then i was like cool, i didnt cried, first anime i dont cry about a death of a lovely character i grew up as a mannn, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. And then......

She leaves him a letter after her death. And i was like "ooohhhhhh shiiitttt, there goes my manliness"""".

And i was right, that letter broke me like a pice of paper, did some plot twists i dint expect, this anime is as good as 5cm per inch, the end is so sad and so perfect at same time. What was your impression of the episode? did you liked the ending?

See ya on picarto live

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 10, 2015, 4:40 PM
Going to start a new picture, if you are free join me. link on top.

Windows driver wacom 6.3.11-4a

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 3, 2015, 3:00 PM
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For the first time ever since i bought this cintiq 22hd, finally corel painter feels like a dream. you should check it out,…

Im not sure in photoshop or other programs, but in my windows 8.1 and painter2015 feels soooo damn good.

Creativity aint wired

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 13, 2015, 1:17 PM
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Creativity, where does it come from, where it goes? Most of the time people ask me how can i be more creative, how and i be more unique on my topics? Thats a hard question, imean daily life its were creation truly is, not online. Been talking with other friends ona tablet, talking about how their creative process works, acouple of beers, laughs, argues, intriguing, different point of views like all humans in all topics, but we all agreed that first, you need to think in the concept you want to do then search for reference tools, not the other way around.

This days 99% of people  use internet as their main inspiration tool, i think thats a double edge sword.

Lets say you want to do a bird, google bird and paint the first bird you see, same colors same pose same composition, okay? Now picture 10000 artists wanting to draw a bird, and use same photo? The only creayive person in this story was the one that took the picture, the rest are just copy artist, zero creativity. And i mean Zero.

Using reference as a 99% (colors, composition, anatomy, pose,etc) i wont call it creative at all. But lest say you took the picture( frame it, composition, color palette, pose) even if you copy it 100% you are 100% creative, because photo is yours, you can see a thing like this online. Its almost unique.


First you are in your bed with eyes closed, you are picturing a knight fighting a dragon, you open your eyes with a clear idea of what you want, you rush to a paper or canvas, you draw it (anatomy its horrible broken bones) then you add colors in the sketch( terrible values). Now that you have your piece, you can start searching for references, references are made for support not the other way around. Same as for models, you put them in the position you want with lighting you want, you are the creative person there. References will help you to fix broken bones or weird anatomy you just cant see the mistakes. Painting online also helps you to get opinions from lots of people at same time, great eyes.


Search for a photo you like, then start the concept from the photo, first photo aint yours, you arent the creative person that did that, you didnt choosen lighting, composition, anatomy, model, storytelling,etc You are just copying someone else idea. There is no inner voice of you here to speak up about yourself. I had seen tons of this type of art, where lets say a princes from disney, gets tattos, and punk haircut, but same pose, same colors, some people even use eyedroppers, because they have fear to even choose colors on their own. That type of work its cool, nice looking but i wouldnt call it creative, it could have much more potential.


After you have a clear idea of what you want to do, or show to the world, first you need a topic, i had seen tons of arts in museums, where i ask the artist what its the title, or why she or he choosen that title? Their replies are like "i dont know, it came to me after i finish it, i choose it to make the picture sounds cooler". That dissapoints me alot, you get the idea that the artist didnt knew what his message was fromt he first place. Sometimes you can get good images with random things, but you get greater art when you have a goal. Some artist had replied to elike their goal was "female strong soul"  that was their goal before even starting to paint, and you know what? Their esposition shows all that in every single paint of the show. Usually this artist that knows what they want to show are the ones with stronger images.

So anyway, once you have a title like, "i wanna draw a punk girl reading a book", dont rush and google punk girl reading a book, instead do a small thumbnail, choose the right position for your girl, choose where the light will come from, choose the colors and  what are their meaning to you, that can help you to carry your message.

Once you have your sketch your idea then go to the web.

Instead of googling  a punk girl reading a book, open several windows like dude reading a book, then other one like punk hairstyles, other one like different type of books, other one for cool glasses. Sometimes helps just to have all those images of the books all at once, so in a way you can create your own book she will be holding.

Let say that by the luckiest thign in the world you see an image of a girl, holding a book, and you want to literally copy it, resist or picture the pose but imaging the lighining in another way, dont copy it, reference means like using less than a 100% of the image.

Some artist highly recomend that if you have an image as a model, turn it into grayscale, so the colors dont affect your color choosing. Because we tend to copy colors, even by subconcious, so i highly recomend you grayscale only for value purposes. At least use your own colors.

NEVER EVER TRACE. Never trace an image, you literally are killing your inner voice, lately its sooo tempting to put a layer on top, some even use wird filters or do a couple of strokes on top. Dont do that, lazy artists kills their own stuff.

NEVER EVER EVER USE EYE DROPPER, if you are going to do an exercise where literally you are copying( exercises are good to improve, but you arent creative here) try to figure out wjhat colors you are looking by using your eyes, its a fun game because when you finish your exercise, you try to figure out if you nailed the same values or saturation.


People are soo afraid this days to try to imagine things, is like art its turning in a remake hd. If you made a drawing that has one arm bigger than the other one, big deal, next drawing you make you will make sure that doesnt happens again, failure and mistakes are what makes you stronger. If you limit to yourself just copying, your creativity wont grow inside you. If you do fan art, dont draw same clothing, lets say you want to draw a korra image, then draw a korra that has never seen before, not just one of the millions out there with same outfit. Im not saying is bad, im just saying you can add your own creaitivity to the mix.

Dont be afraid of your own creativity, as huma anatomy practices creativity needs also exercises or it can rust. Go outside, walk in other roads you dotn know, order food you never tasted close your eyes while tasting it, try to picture images, hear music you never hear before, go to a movie theater watch a movie. Watch cloud forms, have a sketchbook next to your bed, you wont believe how cool ideas you get when you get up, quickly written down before you forgot them. Even a shpe of dirt in a table you are seating on can give you an idea of form, or in a pet store you watch this fish with prettier colors, take a photo of your phone and use the color palette for an image.

"Art in internet is already a fabricated  digested processed food for your brain, but outside, its a cornucopia of flavors.Go out and make your own menu".

"Creativity comes from your connection to the world and not to an addiction to a cable. Be brave show us your inner voice, because i love hearing art".

Picarto Tv transmision live for the first time

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 11, 2015, 12:54 PM
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For the first time i will test picarto, click on the picarto tv link on top. Sad thing is that you cant kept livestreams there unless you paid, maybe i will post them on my youtube channel.

Okay anyway, lets test it, hope to see ya there.

Guilty Gear Xrd Review

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 19, 2014, 1:28 PM
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I was trying to get this game in a disc for cool art, sadly could find it but i got it by DLC, i was happy that i can put this on my ps3, ps4 and if i had a vita in a vita too. Also was really happy to notice they give you an extra dlc character totally FREE. I was blown away by her design.

Okay so i downloaded the game,  start it on ps4, no intro i was like ummm, then enter arcade, and i couldnt control my jaw, i had a smile all across my face, my hands where shaking, i was sweating like a groppie girl. This game feels soooooooo good sooo retro. remind me of my days in arcade.

Didnt got this reaction from streetfighter 4, i mean street fighter 4 is good, but didnt felt like streetfighter 2. But Guilty Gear feel soooo cool like old Guilty gear. I just love that the moves are skipped like if it was drawn by hand when you are playing it. Game looks gorgeous at 1080p and a solid 60 frame per second.

The music changes on the powers you are doing, this is the best soundtrack for fighting games i had seen in years. Some moves are so hard to pull out on the controller, so i had to order a Hori controller for my ps4, found a good deal at 120 bucks for the real pro v4, and its compatible with my ps3.

This game made me remember why i wanted to become an illustrator character designer. Lately, you havent noticed this but designs this days are becoming sooo realistic that they ar eplain and boring, just look at new designs of DIGIMON for his new anime, or wolverine a regular guy with a shirt and pants instead of his cool yellow outfit.

Lately designs feels like mannequins with different hairstyle, super realistic rendered, but no uniqueness, its like eveything this days its black(batman effect).

Buttttt oooooooohhhhh nooooooooo!! Not on guilty Gear, i really love this designs, lately i had been focussing just on good edges and super smooth realistic designs that forgot to have fun and wacky exxagerated designs.

This game feels like fresh air, feels sooo good. It could be awesome if they made Samurai Showdown or Kof 2002 to look this way, i could only dream.

The cool thing its that the game only weights like 3 gigs, so it wont take much space from your drive in case you download it. Took me like an hour to play it. The combat system its soo smooth, cant wait to waste hours playing this way. Also while playing it, i can feel my style of drawing changing, its like my brain its a vacuum and im remembering what was soo cool about designs personalities, and not just a dude with pants and a shirt in black super well rendered.

Support this type of games, we need more games like this one.

Time to live stream guys

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 10, 2014, 6:16 PM
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A friend of mine its having trouble with his cool deviant art group page, he has a nice selection of art, if you want to check it out his post and how to help you wanna go here, right below.

Its been a long time i wrote a feature , i must be getting rusty with time but here i am again in the middle of November striving to bring to you the best of the best ARTS of summer, winter ,Autumn ,a bit of spring a lot of emotions entangled together this time as the MAN WITH A MISSION expresses:
"Counteraction rising
Yeah we are ready for the punch line
There's no use with all your gimmicks
A Dream Upon Waking by Oer-WoutOlive F1 by Claparo-SansNiece by Enigma-Fotoswitches road by FukariBliss and shower by Stephanie-van-RijnGhost In Her Shell by elsevillaLe soleil du soir by Muse1908Vi-Tech skin concept (League of Legends) by Gevurah-StudiosRings by Lunarieen UK by LUNARIEENZenescope San Diego 2014 pool party by Elias-ChatzoudisRooftop sun by SisterSinisterElizabeth Russo (commission) by Precia-TThe internet by DamaiMikazLife is a Dance in The Rain III by bordaFemale Gun Pack 1 - Pose Reference by SenshiStockimage-3 by shichigoro756Watch This by LilyasIgnibus Doloris by Shades-Of-LetheHound by akreonPaint yourself the colors YOU want by YuuzaLeap of Faith by UntamedUnwanted-SOLD-HAND MADE Poseable Wolf Pup! by Wood-Splitter-LeeAmaterasu by reiq:thumb49

Okay then, you know the drill click on live channel.

What meants to be a Pro?

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 24, 2014, 12:48 PM
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I was talking with somefriends the other day, they told me that i should quit deviantart and move to this new fresh pages were profesionals are, because deviantart was filled with kids,art wannabes and social dudes. They didnt said it as something disrespectful oe something, they were just giving me a nice advice to get more audience. But that got me thinking, this guy is really good this days his style its uniquegets top clients and stuff, but 5 years ago his art was really filled with flaws, he was one of those kids he was complaining deviant art was filled with.

That got me thinking  he has a different point of view of how been a Pro means to me. For me Pro doesnt mean professional, its a short word for PROMISE. Pro artists are people that can keep a promsie, and thats really important. Its so sad when they relate Pro word to art skills, its like they draw this red line on the floor and they measure people who can get in and who gets out. When its the moment when an artist feels that he is better than some rest and  starts to see other artists from a shoulder?

I must say that , its a hard thing to control, i must admit that when i get piss off by other artist i paint a temporaly line to draw him to the floor, then erase it my objective its to ground the artist back to the ground, floating in the air can be adangerous place to be.

Everyone can be a Pro:

- A kid  6 years old with a terminal disease drawing a painting to make  his parents happy, thats a pro.

- Nieces drawing something on a sheet of paper to give it to his uncle as a birthday gift because they dont have any money, thats a pro to me.

- A dude painting flowers in her girlfriends nails, thats a pro to me.

- A young artists that can draw that good yet, but share tips to other people to help them be on his level, thats a pro to me.

- A not talented kid that probably wont have the skill levels matured but have courage enough to show a  created character of his own to the world, thats a pro.

Some people say that been a pro its to work and get paid money, to live by your craft, but what if there is this talented artists that works by night in a super talented comics company but by day, he works at his dad restaurant, he is not living by the money of his craft, but thats a big Pro  to my eyes.

Been a Pro its not about an status or a top of your art skills, doesnt matter if you are in highschool or in a career, if a client gives you work and you promise him you will get the job done in monday, you should keep that promise, that its been a pro, if you cant keep that promise you aint a pro. Always meet deadlines, thats the crucial thing of been a pro, meet the date you promised to the client. Im case you cant, dont hide from client explain what problems had happened in your life and he would understand and create a new promise for a new deadline.

Been a Pro, its to promise yourself each day that you will try the hardest you can, doing a job quickly or with not enough quality, that aint pro to me. Always promise yourself to do better each day, always learn, promise yourself to grab an art book study practice, do this everyday. Most of the time i feel im doing this not for me, but for the people that couldnt give art a big part of their life, but they support you, you are carriyng those people dreams.

Dont brag, Pro's never ever brag, i had meet people or seen people that their middle name its the company they did one job or two. For example that person its me lets say you just meet me and i say to you, "Hi im Hector i worked with Fushindoshi, i mean come on, they probably do this at conventions to impress chicks, ladies avoid those dudes seriously, reply to them, "Hi my name is Cassandra and i dont fucking care".  Seriously that bad habit of some artist needs to get down to the floor. We know this is a lonely work, and its hard to meet chicks, but seriously , seriously, i mean seriiioooussssly. Thats the time i appear with my red marker and do a line in the floor. The dude totally deserved a red marker am i right? I funky hate Hector Fushindoshi.

If you see me in a convention and i suddenly grab a red chalk and draw a line in the floor, get away from me, im like a rised viper that it will start to get in venom mode, and for a tip, always carry a red crayon, you wont know what jerks you will found at the convention.

Talking about pros at conventions, sometimes they aint a jerk, you just catch them at a bad moment, like this dude that wanted to say hi to me, but i was almost running to a bath room, dammit, i dont like when food does wrong thing to your stomach in other cities, i could only reply with a sweating hi and scream to him like three rooms away i will be back i need to get out of here. did saw the dude again, but picture this sometimes they get a call of a family memeber they just died, and you ask them for a sktech and he says leave me alone, you say what a jerk, but you wont knoe the true story, but if the dude always like a dive,  even online, its time to use a red marker.

By the way i will start seeling red markers at conventions, hhahahahahaahhaha joking, but hey that could be a nice idea. anywa lets continue.

My sketchbook aint a vip area, anyone can enter my sktechbook. This happen to me at a convention, a dude showed me his sketchbook and he told me he only ask sketches from people the likes and admires. But thats kind of sad, i mean thst means you only like a few people, i enjoy more a bad drawn sktech from someone that never drawn in her life, but says was nice meeting you keep going, than a totally super nice sktech drawn with perfect anatomy that only has his name. always carry an sketchbook and let people you meet to leave a record, when i feel bad about my art i just pull out one of them, then i get flash backs of that good time.

Remember a Pro doesnt have a VIP sketchbook. If i dont let you draw somethign on my book look at the floor you probably have a red line underneath.

Been a Pro aint easy, past convention, my feet were literally killing me, my feet were like clay, i went tot he convention not weraring good sneakers, and walking for 5 days were killing me, slept like 4 hours each day, eat like one food per day, you almost get flu, and you meet another artist  and you have to smile. Its hard aint easy.

I had meet people thats are truly "Promises", someone with a talent well used its a promise, this dues and girls are from countries far far away from my own, but each year they see me they salute me like i was an old friend they havent seen in a longtime, that make me smile even if im crying of joy inside of me. Those people in their past life were flowers, a plant lowered in the floor with strong roots, that wind will never pull out. Those friends im talking about, if they are reading this you know are you, unless you see a red line on the floor.

So dont become one of those jerks that  use the company name they worked as a middle name, avoid them ladies, run with the dudes that has beards, they are usually more fun, by the way i dont shave girls, wink wink (girls suddenly go back and paint a redline in front of me, hhahahahahahahahahahahhaah :(  .....).

So remember been a pro its to keep this promises :

- Always meet dealines(extremely important)

- Find beauty in everything( sometimes i can spend hours watching a 6 year old drawing, trying to learn why i like it and why i should add his sill to my drawings) , inpiration comes fro anything, not just from art skills.

- Heard and advice, even if you dont like it swallow it, because maybe in a couple of years you will see what they meant. Each person has their own learning curve, they can be slow like me.

- Always give 110% of your best, even if the result its crap, clients like this promise when you give the best you could.

- Dont be lazy.

- If someone invite you to do a tutorial, a presentation before an audience, or to have a stand in a convention, they already paid room and trip fees, and you are terrified and you want to cancel, dont cancel you made a promise, man up, aint pro to cancel compromises(or should i say con-promises) at last hour.

- Dont brag, seriously, dont brag to get ladies. And dont mock other artists on his face to make it feel bad, unless he is a jerk, remember those markers.

- Be polite, i just can stop saying this promise enough.

- Be helpful, give other artist help, because we all had help from someone else in a crucial moment in our lifes, its called karma, always return the favor.

-Work hardaer for the people you promised you will succeed, doesnt matter if you fail at the end, it wont matter if you give your 110%

- Dont judge art by artskill, but by content, the coolest ideas sometimes comes from people that cant draw, artskills are just a plus to the eye, but not the mind.

I wish i could add more points, but this is a personal way of looking for me of been a Pro, for me aint a check pay or a top level of skill, been a Pro means to be a gentleman. I just wanted to share my point of view, some people say that they like this type of journals i do, its not an objective journal,  it could mean other thign to you the word pro, i just wanted to show how i see the word pro.

Remember dont break the promises you had made for yourself, there is nothing worse than liying to yourself. 

Saturday livestream

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 22, 2014, 2:45 PM
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See ya on my live channel if you have time.

Terraformars episode 09

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 21, 2014, 1:34 PM
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Woooowww and i say wowwwwww, this is the best episode i had seen in the entire year. Putting all animes together, i mean all of them, all new fresh anime , this is the episode that moved me, never had felt this amount of sadness. The director did a brilliant job, the music, was epic, the angles of action, the slow motion, the dialogues.

Even the end credits, i was like in shock i coudlnt move i was just staring at the screen i didnt know how to react.

Was dramatic, you know he is facing a battle he cannot win.

ADOLF REINHARDT  , its the coolest character i had seen in a long time, when he was walkign in slow motion i was shoked, his background story its so freaking sad. And he is only the second ranking character in command, when i saw him in this episode i just felt like i wanted a  figure or a poster of him on my wall. He reminds me of Hellsing or Raiden.

The ending song was brutal. A lot of people dont find this anime interesting amoung my friends, not sure if its because of the art style, like they dont like the designs, or because they arent moe enough. But i must say this had become my second favorite manga ever since Gantz finished.

The backgroudn stories that comes with flashbacks are impressive, they make you care for each character, at beggining they say more than 80% of them will die at this mission. If you havent seen it or heard bout it here is the trailer.

For those watching the series, what do you think of this week chapter? Was episode 9 the coolest one from all of them?

Coolest video game ever

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 21, 2014, 10:59 AM
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Sweating like a cheerleader on her first date right now.

Live stream, see ya in 10

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 19, 2014, 5:10 PM
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Im just eating,  after i finish my hamburguer i will start a live session with a commission, on new patched painter, you will notice how smooth the brushes feel now. Just click on my live stream channel see ya guys there.

New Painter 2015 unleashed

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 19, 2014, 9:56 AM
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Been working on the beta patch for the past months, they had been fizing new stuff inside painter. But one thing that i really wanted for painter was a better resizing system, so the Corel Team worked hard on getting this right, they created a new software inside painter. The result its incredible, i must say its the best resizing software i had ever use. Its even faster than Painter X.

If anyone had saw me on my livestreams you will notice i resize brush contantly by pressing control plus alt and a click, i reasize a lot, i reasize like 3 times each 6 seconds. And the release of painter 2015 the resizing was lagging, couldnt keep my insane pace.

But now they finally fix it and improve it. If you already have installed Corel painter 2015 seach for updates inside the software in  help menu.

But if you are new to painter and want to test it, click o  the link below the file already has the update inside it, so you dont need to search for it. Also the update fixed tons of bugs, but im specially happy with the new improved resizing ability, this is the version ive always wanted.…

Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 18, 2014, 12:32 PM
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I had to keep this anime, under my pillow, this is one of my guilty pleasures ive been watching, this anime its totally for chicks. Its 50 shades of gray made into an anime with no porn sex stuff. The genre its callend Tsundere with a girl, but not sure how its called in the other gender.

To make it simple its a bout a mean dude, girls love mean dudes. The story its about a girl that had no friends in new class room, so everyone was talkign about their boyfriend, so she came out with a lie, she took a photo of a random guy she saw on the streets, and tell the girls he was her boyfriend, but all gets into trouble when they noticed the dude its on same school in another class, and he is one of the most popular dudes at school with girls.

The dude or Black prince, learns about the lie so he takes advantage, he will play his role as a fake boyfriend, but if she becomes his People thing he is the nicest person in the world, but he is not, he is really mean.

Dialogues and art style are really cool. Girls are gonna love this anime, because there are parts when the dude does the right thing  and chicks will get crazy.

The song its catchy i like it, i still havent figure out yet the part, when he is lay down on the floor with a chess piece on his lips, its that supposed to be sexy for girls? A dude that dont really knows how to play chess that he thinks the piece is food? I still havent figure it out, maybe i should go to a bar with a piece of chess in my mouth to try to pick up chicks, will they find me attractive?hhahahahahhahh