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San Diego Comicon

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 21, 2014, 10:09 AM
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Who else is going to the con?

Aldnoah Zero anime

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 19, 2014, 5:22 PM
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Im glad i stuck with this anime, first epísode was interesting, second was bad ass, and third was epic(wait to the credits to roll to see something extra). This has to be one of my top animes to watch How can i describe this anime in a setence, probably like "if Code geas and Guilty crown had a baby".

i love the fact when heroes has not the upper hand, like a real powerful device that kills the enemies been pilot by a puberty kid that never wanted and knew how to pilot hating his dad or puberty grabbing boobs.

Nope, you wont see this on the anime.

Its a war anime, people will die, you know when an anime its going to be epic, because you can see grown up characters and epic music and i mean orchestra music

Basically the sory its Killzone videogame, earth versus mar, complot, tragedy, death. The writer its pretty clever, i liked that the enemy has better technology, this adds challenge to the protagonists and makes battles more epic. All characters are well designed, you think they are the main characters only to realize seconds later that they arent.

Episode two has epics deaths, that i havent seen in a longtime.

You should watch it.

Knights of Sidonia anime

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 7, 2014, 3:36 PM
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BLOW MY MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Havent seen an anime this good in a long long time. I remember i saw the first one on a trailer, and they looked 3d, and i said man, another bad mecha anime with tons of moe. That was my first thought , but, noticed they add it on netflix as a special netflix thing.I said woww, how fast  this anime go to netflix, that just aired almost a months. So ediced to give it a try.

And i was shocked. Havent seen anything this good since Macross or Evangelion. All the animation its in 3d, but i was not worried because of that, have the vibe like my favorite anime Kakurenbo. Then when i saw Sidonia from far way, the design blow my mind, how somethign so simple was cool looking. I mean this days ships are like tons of polygons, but this almost squared shaped ship blew my mind. Same as the art inside in it.

This anime its like if they combined Lain, Macross, Shingeki and Blame, if someone told me the designs were from Yoshitoshi Abe i will believe it. Music its epic, i just love the space combat, the angles are perfect. But whats its more important its the story.

THE BEST STORY I HAD SEEN IN YEARS in mechas. When i saw the scifi concepts i was blown away, the dialogues of characters are clever, this anime always end up leaving you in a cliffhanger, that you cant wait to see the next chapter.

How to i know this? Becaus ei saw the entire season(12 apisodes) in an afternoon. And its awesome that its going to have a second season. Im going to comicon this cmonth in -san diego, so im going to look for books of this series.

Thick and Thin Brush live stream.

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 5, 2014, 10:33 AM
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Added again the most powerful of the brushes of painter, you will see how easy its to use, for sketching, getting the tones right, and to detail, Whats so powerful about this brush, its simple, it has a channel transparency like photoshop, but you get more organic textures, if you use it for beggining and ending of a piece, its the most deadliest tool, use the blenders for the middle. Combined with digital spray, you will literally do excellent works.

Theme of today comission, alien squirrel girl.

See ya in 3 hours guys.

Tokyo Ghoul anime

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 3, 2014, 2:45 PM
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Saviour of this summer season, watched a few  that came out already, nothing new i was dissapointed. Then someone mentioned that Tokyo Ghoul will come out, i was waiting for this animation for months, but did the studio made justice too it?.

It sure did, you just need  to see the animation of the eyes in las minute.

This anime has the quality of high school of the dead, and the action from attack on titan. This is going to be the best animation on this summer, search for it.

Its and anime you finish once, and rewatch it over and over again. Music its epic, love when they have orchestra on their music, makes animes to look more epic, i like when main characters struggle with their inner self. Im happy that they didnt added annoying moe voices, They toned down the gore with shadows, but they still kept it , wich its nice. This is the most adult topic anime i had seen so far this summmer season.

I just killed my facebook

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 25, 2014, 12:47 PM
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Today i feel really great. Lately facebook was consuming to much time, not i a positive way. Argueing with people i dont know, watching same meme over and over again, having over 700 friends and not having time to actually see them all, it was taking my ersonal time, for people closer to me that really matters. Decided to spend less time staring at a screen. I must say the temptation was intense to not wrase it, feel like a junkie deciding to quit their drugs.

I was starring at the screen for a couple of minutes, but after i click it, this rush of feeling well felt soo good. i still have my artisttic facebook, i just killled my online me. I still follow people i like to follow, and finally feel so good for not having to watch memes and stuff that consumes most of my time instead of doing digital work.

It will be interesting to see, how my mental illness starts to recover, a couple of years only used internet at the end of weekneds, but now been the entire time online consumes too much time. Worst than videogames. facebook took like 80% of  my time online, thats a lot, now will be interesting to see how do i feel after the detoxic.

Maybe i will go out to run a bike, be walking on grass with bare feet, see the clouds, who knows.

hunter x hunter 135

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 24, 2014, 1:39 PM
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Cant stop the manly tears flowing, even if i knew how it will end because i read the manga. But each time he asked "Komugi are you still there?", breaks my heart. The creator takes it to a whole new level, he creates this despicable being that he wanted you to hate it, but in the end you start caring about him. That never happened with any other character including one piece or Dragon ball, never saw a main powerful character to turn into a 180 degree angle.

Im really happy the creator came back to continue the story, i should do a fan art of Komugi and Meruem

Mensaje a Eric Legaria Aguilera

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 23, 2014, 8:19 PM
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(personal mesage for a person that no longer its on deviantart, if you know him please make him reach this words, its personal so he will know what im talking about)

Mensaje a un mexicano especial.

Jajajaja no se si darte el pesame o felicitarte, jajajjajajaaj bienvenido al infierno. Que buena onda que te decidiste a seguir tu sueño, hace poco vi un video de jim carrey, donde dice que su padre tenia un empleo seguro o normal pero lo despidieron y se quedo sin trabajo, eso le abrio los ojos a jim carrey, es decir no hay trabajo o carrera segura, todo depende de la vida y desiciones que tomes.

Tal vez deba seguir subiendo experiencias en mi blog de la pagina web. Donde es mas personal por que aqui como que se alborota mas la gente.

Al parecer deactivaste tu deviant y no pude responder el mensaje, ojala que donde estes veas el mensaje y le heches ganas, animo y no te me rajes.

Cintiq Wacom position-bug

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 22, 2014, 9:07 PM
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While reading  on wacom forum found a solution a guy made to fix photoshop, i couldnt believe this change of monitor order can affect the result of the strokes. To make it short, your citniq should always be on the right side not the left one like i had, it has to be the right one in monitors order.

For more details on my website  in this link here:!Position-B…

Manly livestream

Journal Entry: Sat May 24, 2014, 5:35 PM
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For some reason today i wanted to draw something manly, probably because ive been hearing my old manly songs, join us. 

But i warn you!!!!! Bring your own music.

Click on channel.

Lets try my new pressur eon my tablet.

Wacom and INF

Sat May 24, 2014, 6:54 AM
INF drivers from the chipset are important. I just realized windows by default gives you some really old generic drivers that wont work with your mother board, yes makes the computer able to work, but doesnt do it right.

Always had thought that the windows update searched for the best drivers your mother board can use............WRONG.

Sucks to know that been using my computer with the wrong drivers for almost two years, alwyas felt the pressure of the tablet super wrong. I barely touched the tip tot he screen and was already giving me 30% of the pressure. I noticed this by helping other deviant art user who had a similar problem.

Realized all my usb drivers were from 2006, that doesnt even made sense because mother board was 2 years old. So i look on my mother board web page, searched for the chipset drivers(there are two)  install and reset.

Now its ridiculous how my tablet behaves, i put my settings on the minimals, and i mean super smooth, with the lowest hardest pressure and i can control it so easily. I cant believe i made a childish mistake of not putting the drivers. I thought windows did this for you not even with the service pack 1.

Never ever ever trust the service pack. Search for the drivers by your self, windows wont install the chipset drivers, only audio and sometimes monitor.

Two important things to make my tablet work that i noticed on past week, wacom dont work properly on windows 8.1 and they required INF chipset drivers. Two things wacom forums never explanined to me, its a shame if i knew this 2 years ago mya paintings willl be done easier.

No wonder why i thought i was drawing slower, because took tons of strokes to compensate a bad pressure.

On the good side, now my tablet works fine. Finally took me 2 years since day one.

Windows Wacom Fix (solved)

Sun May 18, 2014, 1:44 PM
Spend two days trying to figure what was the solution, moved and edited registry, unistalled and intalled offilne  hundres of time in all combinations possible, used pnputil setupapi, and all cmsdos commands you wont even believe it existed. Even tried to using third software like drive cleaner.


After doing all the work ive explained, my computer started working horrible, so i had to re install windows from windows 8. I have a really old mouse computer that when i plug it windows give us that horrible old driver from 2006. So i didnt wanted to risk it, so i made all the install of windows using only the keyboard, was really tricky to pull out the menus i needed, its easier if you use windows key plus f and tab key  and direction arrow keys to move to the places you want.

Then after ive installed windows 8, installed latest wacom driver, reset the computer and plugged the tablet back again before enters windows.

And surprisely, the horrible Hid drivers dissapeared. This two  below are the ones that causes all this trouble.

I was super happy, so decided to read each update windows intalls of KBwithbignumber next, worried that will install a pack of 2006 drivers that messes up the HID interface. After reading all 87 it was safe, so i install them.

Tablet was still working fine, so decided to go to the windows store and install windows 8.1.  And i had many software installed i use like painter and stuff.

I was so happy, then restarted after installing windows 8.1. THEN THE HORROR. Horrible drivers reapeared. So all day work was lost, i stayed up installing till 3am. But i was happy because in my mind i was like....


Then next day repeated the process, all except last update of 8.1, it seems windows 8.1 over writes his own drivers into the wacom drivers in the hid, using really old drivers from 2006, making drivers crash, you wont notice it, it appears that the tablet, works, but not as smooth as it was meant to be. Sadly, the Wacom guys, nobody knew about this, but they know now. If they had told me from beggining that driver wont work correctly on windows 8.1 only 8, it would had saveme tons of time.

Im gonna miss windows 8.1, because i liked starting from desktop instead of starup up, had some many great shortcuts for onedrive.

But till wacom upgrade new drivers that fix this issue on windows 8.1 im more happy working with  the tablets right now. Ive tested this on two computers. So far soooo goood.

One computer its a laptop vaioh with an inutos 5 small, the other one is a desktop wint windows 8 (now) and a cintiq 22hd. In both computers, two horrible 2006 drivers dissapeared.

Remember to back up your art, sexy pictures, music videos an anime after reinstall, they are moved to a not working carpet called windows.old just enter your user and pull them back, but if you are not sure if it will be saved, then use an extra hardrive and back up. It will be a hard and long process, but my computers are out of toxins and my coloring softwares never felt better.

Wanted to share a fix, for the people that had same problem as me with windows 8.1


M street fighter live

Wed May 14, 2014, 8:18 PM
Painting the little devil for fun, if you have spare time join us. Click on channel, Also look at the book 21 draw, will be nice.

Doing a commission live

Mon May 12, 2014, 4:07 PM
If you have free time click on channel. 


Okay lets try something live. The channel is ON.

Wacom windows users

Mon May 12, 2014, 11:56 AM
As you know been having pressure problems on my tablets for almost 2 years, i have two computrs a laptop and a desktop with windows 8.1 and inboth had same problem. The reason its because when you install your tablet and plug it, windows install his own drivers that clash with the wacom drivers, this happens all the time you plug the wacom, they are downloaded automatically. They are really old drivers from 2006.

So if you have the same files as i do as you can see on the image, the only way to stop them its disabling them. like i did on the image.

The important one its the pen one, if you disable the digitizer depending on the version of your tablet it can make it crash, but if your tablet its new model, lyou wont have a problem disabling the two, but the one that fixes the pressure its the hid-compliant pen

Dont worry, it wont crash your tablet, it will work fine, but now i can feel the 2048 levels of pressure. Some people pointed out they dont have the same files, it seems its reandom,  ive havent found a pattern yet.

But if you have them, will be nice if you can tell us the tablet model and what windows version you have.

The way to see this files, its going to control panel , then device manager, then going to the HID section, open it and look for thse two trouble makers.

Help us to find a pattern to this.

Spring anime not review

Sun May 11, 2014, 3:57 PM
Decided to not call it a review, because im not an anime expert, but i just try to exclude animes that ive had seen over and over with same topics, if the anime  has a boring topic of school saving the world, annoying cute moe sounds, too much lolicon, incest and stuff like that i just skip them, also too much yaoi looking characters.

There were tons of animes like that, to make an example i like Soul eater and i despise Soul eater not, because they stripped the elements i like about anime, i like them when they have a unique style, and doesnt look like  same characters with different color wig. animes with no cool males like Blade soul we also ditched out.

Like i said, these are just my personal favorites, but im general the quality of new anime improved a lot, i must say animation music and production its solid compared to a couple of years, its just my personal taste.

Surprisely, sports animes ranked all  the rest, never seen a solid line up of sport animes in years.
So here we go.

Haikyuu!! ( the king of this season)

i had this anime in second place on my list, but episode 6 made me fall to the floor and laugh, joke after joke after joke after joke, man its been years since i laughed this hard, the first 5 episodes feels like an intro. This anime has it all, cool anime male characters that doesnt look yaoi and are manly enough, each character looks unique, different bone structure, type of eyes, those are refreshing i missed watching males with male eyes. The style its so refreshing, animation its solid, the script its brilliant, the dialogues are well made like -baccano. I was worried that this anime will only focus on two characters then the rest  just to fill in. Each character has their own weight, you will see how eachoneits cool in episode 6. There were a couple of times it made  cry with manly tears, because its so emotive, brilliant music that fits the mood. This is the anime girls should watch too, instead of swimmers(anime really for girls). Ohhh  forgot to tell you, this is an anime about a sport named volleyball. Only one girl on this anime, and she looks super hot.

Ping pong the animation

This was my ranked one,  the script its brilliant, the perspective shots they use its brilliant, characters are likable as hell. The animation its fresh. If you liked Tekkon krinket  this is the anime you will be waiting for. This is the anime that keeps me, exfited to watch each week.

Bokura Wa Minna Kawaisou

Same good old anime plot, boy living in an exchange house with males and females, but the plot  or characters something got me hook out. The plot its brilliant, really really funny and emotive, they use anime clitches in a new way, Really funny and emotive. Its probably the best love comedy i had seen in years, it always keep me with a smile, i can compare this to Honey and clover in an emotive way or Azumanga daioh in funny moments, probably the most coolest combination, this one ranked number 3 in my interested, each episode its even better. Highly recomend you this one.

Mushishi second season

This anime doesnt needs a description, its mushishi, the king of new folklore.

Baby steps

A tennis anime, the plot its really cool, its a bout a nerd kid  with great eyes that follows a girl he liked and  discovered this awesoem sport. Again the male styles are refreshign to see, males that look like males.

Mekakucity Actors

I really dont like the art direction of this one, because it confuses me a lot, they change too much the shots on each dialogue that my brian tries to figure out whats going on, but the plot its briliant, its what keeps me hoocked up, this is like baccano, mixed time line, its like watching a pulp fiction movie. Its about a group of kids with supernatural powers.

One week friends

This is the only anime for girls i liked , the plot itsd interesting a girl that resets each week and forget about his friends, not family just friends, and this kid loves her, so he decides to be her friend, even if in each monday she forgets who is him.

Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii

Plot looks different, havent seen enough episodes but plot looks good so far.

And thats it for the new ones, old ones im still watching, One piece, Hunter x hunter, Jojo bizarre adventure. tonari no seki kun and Ace of diamond. Those are the animes im liking not because they are the best, but because somehow the plot gets me interested to continue watching, im the guy that likes more the plot, than super cool animation effects and cute characters.

21 draw book open now

Fri May 2, 2014, 7:32 AM
I was really happy when they invited me to be on a book with really talented artists, most of them from deviant art, maybe all of them, a lot of talented people you already know. Its a book that will help you get ideas for character designs.

So i added a link on top of my journal, so you can check it out the cool video and more information.

One before taking a nap live

Sun Mar 16, 2014, 12:07 AM
George gave me some cool t-shirt of an old drawing of mine, was a nice gift, he is selling it, check the link where says t-shirt. Okay now lets draw a quick sketch before going to sleep shall we.

see ya on the channel feed.!web-way/cg…

Livestream Celebration

Sat Feb 8, 2014, 2:16 PM
I wont be updating my live stream session tru deviant art journals anymore, but on my new website facebook and always twitter, so plse follow me on my site. I redisigned my live stream pge inside my website, to avoid pop ups and make it more simple.

It will be on my feed section. 

But to mke you get used to it i will give you the direct link. see ya guys there.