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Painting live in painter 2016

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 10, 2015, 7:10 PM
Was a nice day of work, time to do something that aint work but a gift. If you have free time join me.!picartotv/…

Corel painter 2016 is out!!!!!

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 10, 2015, 7:18 AM
Finally, i was lucky enough to be testing the software once more, people at Corel they hear our suggestions and made it work on new version. Cool features about this software, blending can be done in a single layer not using colors in the background as a new blending feature.

Finally with presentation mode, you can see just the canvas when you paint, i had requested this one longtime ago.


Riff files ares uper super fast now.

New audio brushes, use music to create art, how cool is that?

They added diferent color themes to painter, i really like how the dark them looks with new windows 10. And has more cool features look.……

Taller en Monterrey

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 5, 2015, 11:48 AM
(Sorry this update is for a seminar i will do in Mexico, thanxs for looking anyway)

Hola estare  a mediados en Septiembre en Monterrey con el favor de Dios si todo sale bien. Va a ser un taller muy intenso, por que pudo haber sido de solo dos dias, pero en dos dias no alcancas a ver el trabajo de los demas y ver que puedes hacer para que mejoren, por lo que sera de 3 dias, mas informaciones aqui en el volante que pienso adjuntar. Sobre todo ver que errores tienen, son cosas que ami nunca me dijieron de joven, desde como sentarse, como evitar dolores en las manos por usar tableta, somo sujetar el lápiz y por que. Asi como diseño de personajes, errores comunes en computadora.

Tratare de exprimirlos al máximo en el poco tiempo que tenga, mas que artista me considero científico digital, cada dibujo que hago es un experimento, pruebas y errores, más errores que aciertos, pero uno aprende de los errores. serie genial que la gente llevara sus laptos o sketchbooks y trabajar ahí en el taller, solo asi podre ver que pudieran mejorar para tener mas rendimiento. Tal vez no sea el mejor maestro del mundo en cuanto al arte, pero puedo platicar experiencias personales y como veo el arte de forma muy subjetiva. eso si, buscare aclarar cualquier duda que el presente tengan, desde elaboración de brochas, cuales son los mejores settings que me funcionan a mi mano izquierda. Como crear brochas desde cero, limitar brochas a cierto numero. Como usar patrones.

Diseño, composición, umm  en anatomía no me detendre mucho, por que si algo sabemos es que anatomia toma años en perfeccionar, pero si sabes todo lo demas puedes hacer que una imagen funcione. asi como demostración en vivo de como empezar una imágen y terminarla.

El cupo estara muy limitado pro el espacio, pero las instalaciones son de primera y he estado observando los talleres que ahí se realizan, y debo sentirme orgulloso por lo que estan haciendo alla, ese tipo de oportunidades hubiera querido tenerlas cuando empezaba, es como caminar en la nieve con un nivel de nieve hasta la cintura, pero si caminas tras de alguien caminas por mejor camino, despues el se detiene y te empuja a tomar tu propio camino. Habra revision de portafolio, la revision ayudaria a ver como has evolucionado con el tiempo, y que direccion llevarias, eso ayuda mucho a saber y conocer que es lo que le gusta a la persona hacer, es mas personal, y me ayudaría a dar un mejor tip.

Bueno, va ser muy divertido eso se los aseguro, si conocen a alguien espero se anime y que siga creciendo la cultura de talleres en México.

Saludos y que pasen una excelente semana. Por alla nos veremos.

MASTERCLASS 3 dias ELSEVILLA opcion 2 by elsevilla

A Windows 10 romance with Wacom

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 23, 2015, 5:24 PM
I was crying in a corner, because been deadling with a 2 year wacom problem with my tablet, where i just couldnt control the pen pressure. did everything, unistalled drivers, added alll wacoms drivers even for windows 7, asked helpd on wacoms comunity, also in microsoft, burned a mother board, nothing. no one couldnt tell me what was wrong with my tablet. Ive even started to believe that my tablet was faulty in hardware, because this not only happend on my cintiq 22hd but also in my small intuos 5.

But here is the thing no one ever told you, sometimes, when you have the right hardware, Windows 8.1 hate the guts of Wacoms drivers. Windows 8,1 will never play nicely with wacoms drivers, they might look like they are having fun, but trust me, they arent having fun, they are arguing and fighting. Windows touch gets in the way of wacom, you can have pressure and everythign looks okay, but tablet pressure doesnt feel like windows 7, feel oversensitive. Like try to do quick strokes like if you where painting grass, you will notice wacoms driver cant handle the pens recoil while hitting the surface, pressure goes way way up, soemtimes the blue bar even fills the 50% of the bar in default soft mode.

So today decided not wo wait anymore for windows 10, decided to install latest beta, and oooohhh my gooooddddd, isss soooo goood that i dont want to unistall internet explorer.

Windows 10 and wacoms latest driver the 4a(ending) are holding hands, laughing going to a picnic, i was shocked, how a faulty driver from windows 8.1 works like a charm in windows 10??????? Is the first time windows feels sooo goood, i can finally do glazing, i can control the beggining of the strokes.

If you wanna try the beta, i high recommend you to get the latest one, because i tried early versions, and i couldnt upgrade the updates, and had tons and tons of mistakes, but in the version  10130, works like a charm, i downloaded the iso file and install it, i deleted all my software and apps for a better performance, had to reinstall nvidia drivers and other ones.

If you are tired of a faulty driver, i highly recommend you to do it, the worst thing that could happend its to waste time and reinstall windows 8.1 I tested this on painter 2015 and other softwares, but not photoshop, so i have no experience if it works better there. but as a default i can see the blue bar getting lower than before when i hit the surface fast and hard.

Backup important files, download latest drivers before installing windows in case you have trouble to connect to internet after the installation. Tehre is a risk that your hardware can get in trouble, but i was lucky.

I can say that the 2 year nightmare of unpredictable pressure, over sensitive pressure is finally over. Also my norton antivirus is not working, not compatible with windows 10 yet, like i said somethings wont work out yet, but is a small trade for a perfect working tablet.

Ther eis no way i will return to windows 8.1, windows 10 is gorgeous. 

Kickstarter only a week left

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 16, 2015, 1:52 PM
Hi guys, sorry i had been busy doing images for the game,  i was lucky to have an interview, abotu my experience of the game here:…

Ive feel really happy guys, to be honest i was terrified we didnt got the minimal ammount of 35k, i couldnt spleep for days because i would be the one to blame, now that all amost the unlocks have been unlocked, i am really happy, you have no idea all the pressure relief you guys took of my shoulders by suportting the proyect, thank you guys. I will try my best to be better.

If you like roleplaying games or know someone that might do , please  share them the link below. thank you guys once more.…


Journal Entry: Sun Jun 14, 2015, 10:13 AM
I saw this on Netflix yesterday and blewww my mind away. Just by watching it i was becoming a better person not as a man, beause im still a douche, i mean as an artist, makes me saw things in a different perspective. Made me question about my work, does people like my stuff because girls are young and smooth? Or because of the outfits? What i mean you can dress a young girl in horse poop and she will still look gorgeous, so when you are young clothing doesnt have a mayor impact.

But after watching this old sexy ladies, i was like damnnnnn they dress better than me and most of my friends. Sometimes you dont even want to look at the mirror to get dressed, saying like welll i dont look younger so it doesnt matter.

But man i was watching outfit after outfit, and somehow i felt my visual library was getting better and better just by watching the video. They remind me of my grandma, she used to dress like them, always with her red lips with vivid colors, watching this girls made me smile. Ive felt like a kid once more hearing grandma stories.

The outfits are just sooo cool, these girls, the personalities, i just love all of this video documentary.

I click it because i noticed it had almost 5 stars, and im glad i did. They also have a blog, i highly recomend you to add it as a fav, sometimes their taste of clothing are incredible, that makes me wanting to draw them.

Truly a great inspiration. These girls are gorgeous.

Kung Fury

Journal Entry: Sun May 31, 2015, 12:47 PM
The best action movie i had seen in my life.

The kickstarter launches

Journal Entry: Fri May 22, 2015, 10:42 AM
Ther eis something magical about deskboard games, you can do what ever you like with your imagination, used to be a Dungeons and Dragons player, helped me to develope insane imagination because you arent limited to just a computer coded script, you cando what ever you want, build your own character, picture it in your mind and draw it. Hahahahahah some friends hated me when i decided to attackthem instead of attack monsters, hahah what can i say i was greedy.

Anyways i had a lot of fun doing this project, the creators gave me a lot of freedom, they even let me add things and ideas for backstories to make them interesting, Some other talents artists 3d and designers that did a nice job, i learn a lot from them in the process.:iconandra-arts: , :iconhazardousarts: , :iconalpha-denim-recruit: , :icongenzoman: , :icontsuaii:

The feeling of throwing a dice its really powerful, something that videogames wont gives me, feels like you are in vegas or something when you are deadling with a boss enemy.

If you have time to check it out and you like it, please shareit, the more people we can reach the more will help to do this project.

Again, thanxs for everythign guys...…

Livestraming on picarto

Journal Entry: Mon May 18, 2015, 7:43 PM
Was a nice day, finished a piece, now i can do soemthing for myslef, again see, if i can fix old sketches.

see ya guys there.!picartotv/…


Journal Entry: Fri May 15, 2015, 8:19 PM
Goofing around isee ya around guys in picarto.!picartotv/…

Drunk and drAW LIVE

Journal Entry: Fri May 8, 2015, 10:30 PM
YEAHHH im not 1009% decent right now, but what the hell i wanna draw, its been a hadr day, see ya guys there.(tryign to hard to be drunk typing)!picartotv/…

Not sure how much time i will be online, it all depends on my body.


Journal Entry: Tue May 5, 2015, 10:31 AM
Most of the people know that feeling. Literally a girl told me once to go away when i was in highschool(thank god for university, rock and beers), have you ever feel this way in art?

Hi people is me again, im going to start written blogs in my tumblr account i will start using  hashtag  elsevillablog, hahha cant find the way to type the hashtag icon or number. Anyways its somethign i learn past weekend and tried to use personal experiences to try to motivate people.

Used to have an old blog, but didnt got nice feed back, so decided to move it into something easier to approach people.

In case you are feeling down, and want to cheer up, you can read what crosses in my mind so you can find my frustrations and ways to try to see the positive vibe.

I will leave you the link. Hope you can add me on tumblr.!tumblr-fee…

Damocles live, see you guys in picarto

Journal Entry: Mon May 4, 2015, 4:02 PM
Doing some commissions, see you guys there is you have time.!picartotv/…

Kekkai Sensen, hooolllly Shit

Journal Entry: Sat May 2, 2015, 5:33 PM
This anime deserves a review alone, not included in part two im making. This anime started to grow in me one by one, a bit at a time. The story its sooooo deep and well written, has drama, romance interesting things, backgrounds great music, cool backgrounds, creature designs, cool powers wicked. Its been years since i watched an anime this damn good.

If FLCL and Cowboy Beobop had a baby, would be this anime. Why FLCL, the music its almost the same, the animation feels the same as wacky, some punches you are watching Canti moves, the White haired guy, looks exactly as Haruka brother, if you place the two together they will look as slibings, also both are as crazy. He also has a Vespa motorcycle with same helmet and googles. Ther eis a lot of hands in designs and Things coming from heads. Also the steam has a lot of background feel like FLCL(feels like the same world, this would be the town where Naotakun brother is playing baseball). Animation really funny.

Why this anime looks like cowboy Bebop? Same character designer, characters designs are sooo deep and interesting, the world feels deep and dramatic at same time.

First episodes are like an intro, when things go crazy was on episode 5, i was like hooollllyyy shiiiiiaaattttttt. There was this charactes cooler than Hulk, i was like holly shiiiiiaaat(again) did just happend? Wowww really woooowwwww   WOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.    

And ooohh my godd the feeelssssss, thefeeeeeeeelsssssssssssssssssssss when they are in the movie theater, the music in the right spot at the right moment, i found myself smiling at end of episode.

Holy shiat and anime that made me smile at the end. Not sure if this anime is number one on my list, but at least has the second place near Ore Monogatari.

This anime has a great stroy, and like all great stories they start slow. Stick to it, trust me till you get to episode 5.

Great jazz music, i wouldnt be surprised if HELLBOY was walking amount the people, story its daman good.

Tumblr and live

Journal Entry: Fri May 1, 2015, 4:37 PM
Probably some people dont know  but i have a tumblr account i had dusting, you know i wanted to have my name so noone take it. But i think i had found a use for it, im going to do weird stuff there, you know things i can leave unfinished no editor,  no pressure to make it prettier. I mean just to move the hand and paint somethig super fast. The reason im doing this its because i think my hand became stiff of always wanting to do super detailed stuff , that made me forgot about sketching, lose sketches thati dont need to do super pretty.

Yeah lets say tumblr will be my digital sketch book.

Instagram my traditional sketchbook and photos.

twitter cool art things i can find.

And deviant art for stuff i do super finished.

And facebook for stuff i havent finished yet.

I think this might work, sorry for been all over the place, i think i should work on my website to put all this together, sadly Groove shark died yesterday, all my lists of cool music gone, damnnnnnnnnn.

okay i wills tream a bit, if you are bothered and have nothign to do you can see me paint, becaus ein acouple of hours i will go out to drink my sorrow(naahhh i just love beers and music).. see ya guys there.!picartotv/…

painting late night

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 22, 2015, 9:05 PM
I promised the commisioner i will try to do his picture later today, i was tired but i have to kept my word, see you guys there. Hey if you have a doubt in painter you can ask me anythign dont be shy.!picartotv/…

My Manga Brushes online

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 21, 2015, 9:23 AM
Thanxs to :icongrieverjoe: for showing me this link. A couple of weeks ago, Corel Painter asked me to create some brushes that works in all versions of painter. It was truly an honor, i mean to be choosen, feels like a dream come true. I wanted to create a special set, with brushes that are easy to load, that are not slow. Also with settings that will get you to know the capacity of angle and rotation, without taking too much power of the computer cpu.

Tried to put the set of the most usefull ones i could think of, brushes that i use a lot daily, that gets me that good feel of blending. This is for the people that ask me all the time what brushes do i use, this could help you to get the basic idea of how i work.

I love creating brushes, i constantly create them by changing the dabs or moving tiny details, but if you get this as a base im sure you can customize them to your liking. After all each, hand its different.

Use brushtracking to your liking, remember the first thign you need to know its to customize your own brushtracking in preferences, so you can do light strokes easier, and heavy strokes with no pain in the hand.

Please support Corel Painter by getting their brushes, if aint mine no problem, im sure you will find the set you will need most, there are other cool artists there.

Here is the link.…

thank you for reading have an excellent day guys.

Two animes Jewels i missed

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 16, 2015, 9:25 AM
I apologize, it seems i miss judged one anime, i thought it was going to be a terrorist moe crap, because saw first episode and  all pointed to be a really lest make a terrorist pretty new moe genre but i was wrong. Im talking about, you know....

Zankyou no Terror

Saw it on my list in netflix, and i was like what the hell, lets see episode two, because i saw it had 5 stars and i was like why? Need to see it, then in episode 2 they changed the focus, it was more about the police than the two cute guys. The police dude raminded me of the evil guy in cowboy bebop movie, i was like damn i love this style of realism. Story started to grow in me and then i saw this scene.

And literally blew my mind away, i was like wowww, music its great, the song reminded me of Akira, because of the bikes and the weird way drums type sounds, reminded me a lot of a akira but in a happier way, each time i see this clip i want to take a road trip to feel air on the face.

Then i started a research to see who was the composer of the music , and then i saw  Yoko kanno and i was like holyyy shit, she is like the Mozart of anime, i really love her music. I still dont know what the plot is about , but im hooked with the music.

The other anie i want to talk about is...


Its an old anime from 2006, i cant believe i miss it, but i was fooling around in youtube and saw chapter one and got hooked, im so ashamed to say that i watched the entire series in one sit in the night. The plot is so damn good, i really hated the evil chick in this anime. The plot twists, the love triangle, the black mail, bad situations, it might sound cheesy but its a chick flick you need to watch. Sorry i could only found the english trailer.

Yeah im a dude and im ashamed to say this thing hook me up all night long.

Sunday livestream

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 12, 2015, 5:54 PM
See ya in picarto, click on the link on top. I might be rusty please have patience with me, i will try to design A AN IMAGE FOR THE SIDE OF MY ARCADE GABINET.