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April 11, 2013


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Road of thorns

Thu Apr 11, 2013, 1:03 PM
Errors are part of the road embrace them, learn from them be stronger, dont skip them. To learn how to ride a bike learn to fall first. So you can land on your feet, then try hard and faster, with no more fear to fall.

I dont believe in mentors, not all mentors are qualified to teach, they can misguide you sometimes. If you have a mentor it can turn you into his clone, i had seen tons of great artists that their technique wasnt good but they were more unique and after having mentor, their  style lose uniqueness. Because be honest, we copy what we like, and usually we ask for mentors of people that style will enjoy the most.

For example you go and learn to play guitar with Slash, you will master the guitar at rock, but you if you wanna learn country, Slash wont teach you that, your hands will have the skills but you will have to  start country from zero, and country its your style.

Sooner or later the technique of the mentor will consume you. Because errors are the things that makes you unique, nothing wrong with having errors, a mentor will make you erase the errors he doesnt have, but maybe those errors are the ones you need to be away from same style. He is walking getting this errors and learning from them and he will move them to a side so you can pass easily, but you wont learn like he is.

Its hard to explain, thats why i never got the need to find a mentor, i dont walk in the shadow of another artist.  The faster you start exploring your style, the better.

I like to see the sun with my own eyes.

And my eyes will burn.

And i will get lost.

Months and months of not learning anything.

A lot of cries in the dark,  hitting myself to the wall trying to figure out how they pull it off.

Weeks without drawing, the muse had gone, im alone, lost in a blank sheet.

Paper is my cage.

Sometimes other artist will stop their road and kick you in the legs , your arms, they will spit on you, so you cant continue your journey, the road seems longer. Sometimes another artist will stop look at you give you a hand to raise up and then, he will continue walking, the amount of steps depends on you, no other artist will give you a pigie ride.

Sometimes will be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Most of the times i just want to leave the pen on the desk and quit everything, after all whats the point?

But sometimes you receive a big push from family, friends, other artists tragedies, and you dohave to draw for them not for yourself.

If i was a magician and someone wants to tell me how he does his trick i will probably look away, because i believe in magic and i dont want it to lose it.

My road was never a road of roses, im proud of each error i have, errors are the ones that makes me who i am, errors are my armor, only with errors i can learn.

Im the kind of guy that will trip on the same stone over and over again.

Having someone showing me the way how to draw, been able to skip all the errors, at the end of the drawing i will feel victorious? How will i feel victorious if i never walked a road of thorns.

My feet are bleeding while my eyes are looking at the horizont... my goal.

Bloody errors keeps you on ground. Errors were meant to be avoided but errors were meant to make you stronger.

The more mistakes you do in art the better you will be, you can only learn by falling.

The errors feels like mathematical problems you need to solve by your own. Study books, study life models, get a teacher, read tutorials figure out by yourself what its wrong. And the answer will taste better than any drug in the world.

Having someone to take you by your hand and make you skip all this and go directly to your goal feels hollow to me.

Art in my case its  95% pain and hard work and 5% talent.

But what do i know, i just can talk by the way i had been working all this years, this is my way of the painter. This is all subjective, im not qualified to talk about this intense and great topic.

Anyone should find their own road of roses or thorns.

In  dark and stormy days, enjoy the rain, just dont wait for the sun to come, enjoy the rain, you will feel better if the sun comes out or he doesnt.

Dont feel bad if you dont have a mentor, read, work, seach, google everything. Trust and believe in yourself, art road its not easy.

Be proud of your mistakes, learn from them, DONT justify them but love them, so next time you can have new ones, and if you are lucky some of them will dissapear.

If you can spot your errors, you are grounded to the floor.

Errors are part of art, we are not machines.

Be unique.

Ps. Sometime you need someone to remind you, we all need courage, most of the days i wish people can tell me this "hang in there". We all need a palm in our backs.

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Roud1979 Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2013
Muy inspirador. Y era yo el que tenía el don de la palabra ;) Tuve la oportunidad de ver tu trabajo quiza desde sus inicios (aquellas historietas en la primaria) pasando por el momento de: "todavia tienes ese dibujo? Destruyelo" (y por cierto, aun lo tengo) y la verdad?, tu arte es realmente impresionante, siempre lo he considerado así, y ahora que veo hasta donde has llegado, simplemente: Wow! Y sólo al conocer los errores puedes corregirlos. La perfección no llega por arte de magia, sólo llega a través del esfuerzo. La vida es una competencia con uno mismo, y sólo venciendonos y reinventandonos lograremos ser únicos.
Quizá algún día volveremos a trabajar juntos. Por ahora es simplemente fascinante ver tu pasión no por el dibujo, sino en el dibujo. Sigue equivocandote, sólo así te acercarás a la perfección.

*Very inspiring, And I thought it was me the one with a gift for words. I had the chance to know your work, maybe from the very beginning (those comic strips in elementary school) thru those moments of "You still have that drawing? Burn it!" (which by the way I still have) and to be honest? Your art is really impresive, you know I have always thought of it that way, and now that I see how far you have gone, just: Wow!
And the only way to fix your errors is knowing them, perfection doesn't come by magic, you can only achieve it by working hard. Life itself is a competition, just this time it is with yourself, and just by conquering ourselves and reinventing us we can become unique.
Maybe some day we will work together again. For now, is just fascinating see your passion, not for drawing, but in every drawing. Keep making mistakes, that's the only way to get close to perfection
elsevilla Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Muchas gracias.
Zalloy Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2013
*Pat Else's back*

Hang in there

*Point to the horizon*

We strive, because we are artists. So hang in there, definitively!

elsevilla Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Zalloy Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2013
You're welcome, it was a very inspired and inspiring journal. A pleasure to read and think on what drives artists to continue, and what makes other drop out and stop improving.

I'd have faved it if it was possible XD Because, it's so very true!

Anyway, onward and forward my friend, onward and forward!

*Grab the winter shovel and try to scrap out the dust and clutter from her drawing desk*
VanyaMegami Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2013   Traditional Artist
Hang in there :) Your one of my favourit artist on DA :) And also; Nicley written! :)
m0n0cr0me Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2013
Huh huh some text. But I agree, especially with originality point
Poki-grzyb Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you
kaiozus Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2013  Student Artist
Woah, thank you so much for this!
It hits right in the kokoro lol
I should stop fooling around or I'll never get where I want.

The only thing I did not understand very well is the following sentence:

"If you can spot your errors, you are grounded to the floor."

maybe it's my language barrier, I dunno @@ but what do you mean here? Is it something good or bad? D:
elsevilla Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
That if you can stop errors or mistakes in your pictures you know the drawing aint perfect, so you keep your ego in check.
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